International Sports Achievers


Skyrocketing Success

Harshit Malik secured IV position & Krishnav Bhatt secured III position in All-Style Karate World Championship on 21st-25th November 2019.


Zenith of zestful Performance

Vedit Mendiratta secured II position in 9th Asian Yoga Sports Championship & Conference held at South Korea on 5th to 8th September 2019.


The World is at their Feet

Harshit Malik and Krishnav Bhatt performed in World Hakukai Karate Championship held at Itabashi Azusawa Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan on 22nd to 26th August 2019.


Powerhouse of Yoga

Vidit Mendiratta secured VIII position in 8th Asian Yoga Sports Championship held in Kerala on 21st-27th September 2018.


Embodiment of Excellence

Shaurya Bhutani secured IV position in Kuala Lumpur Mayor’s Cup held on 7th-11th September 2017.


Budding Star of Yoga

Vidit Mendiratta secured V position in 7th Asian Yoga Sports Championship held on 28th-30th july 2017.


Exemplary Performance

Krishnav Bhatt secured I position in 7th K.K Goju Selangor Open Karate Championship held on 21st -22nd November 2015.


The winner takes it all

Krishnav Bhatt secured II position in Budokan Cup Dubai,UAE on 25th April 2014.

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